Sponsor an Elder
Sponsor an Elder

Gift an elder with 10-weeks of fresh, GRuB-grown produce this summer. All you have to do is share $300 (or whatever you can comfortably afford). GRuB will take care of the rest!

In 2017, GRuB piloted a new program for elders with low incomes & gifted over 840 pounds of food grown on the GRuB Farm by our youth crew, generous volunteers, & dedicated staff. We want to do it again this year, & we need community support.

Thank you for sharing your financial bounty. Your generosity makes our community a better place for everyone.

ABOUT GRuB CSA Sponsorships
Name Date Amount Comments
Janis Salin 05/22/2018 $5,000.00 In honor of Shaina's graduation with a Master of Environmental Studies degree from Evergreen, and to recognize the many benefits that Shaina has received through her various roles with GRuB.
Mattie M Sobotka 05/19/2018 $25.00  
Molly Runcie 04/20/2018 $300.00  
Fran Potasnik 04/13/2018 $300.00 Great work all you folks at GRuB!
Johanna Willingham 04/06/2018 $20.00  
Charlie Ware 04/06/2018 $300.00  
Irina Gendelman 04/06/2018 $50.00 Fresh!
Hillary Colter 04/06/2018 $50.00  
Jennifer Chiaverini 04/05/2018 $300.00 Sponsor an Elder Program
  Total $6,345.00