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Since 1999 (even before we became GRuB in 2001), we've operated youth empowerment programming on the GRuB Farm. While the model of our youth program has evolved in many ways, the eight week summer program has been a constant for 20+ consecutive years.

The primary focus of The Cultivating Youth Manual is the eight-week Summer Program. It contains detailed information including workshop outlines, program calendars, paperwork, and evaluation tools. The manual also details the behind-the-scenes administrative and staffing support needed to successfully implement the follow up academic year Cultivating Youth Employment Program model. We provide comments and suggestions throughout, based on our experience. We also provide hyperlinks within the PDF version of this manual. As we reference pieces of the appendix or other sections of the manual, you can follow the link to find more details. For context, an overview of GRuB’s major programs is also provided.

The Cultivating Youth Employment Program model at GRuB has served 400+ low-income and/or disengaged high school and out of school youth working toward a GED (General Equivalency Diploma). The program is based on the theory that nurturing youths’ social, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral development is the most powerful way to support their transition into adulthood. The CYEP strives to help youth participants develop the awareness, knowledge, skills, and social networks necessary to work toward positive personal and social change. Their work in the CYEP is centered on overcoming the very obstacles that place their well-being at risk – hunger, poverty, inequality, and oppression. In the short-term, the CYEP offers employment training and drop-out prevention support. In the long-term, we hope to empower a new generation of leaders who will continue to build a more just world.

This manual presents an example of how to engage youth in empowering work. As such, we hope that it will be used by other organizations, schools, and communities to provide a foundation from which to build and adapt a program that meets the needs of their own communities.

THE GRUB SCHOOL UPDATE: The 2014 GRuB School update provides design and curricula updates to reflect GRuB’s transition from an after-school and summer employment program to a ½ day alternative high school program. This new information is integrated into the original CYEP Manual, focusing and expanding upon the academic year.

The CY Manual is a 273 page .pdf, and will be emailed to you upon receipt of payment. For questions about it, before or after purchase, please contact, or call 360-753-5522.


***Please only share within your professional team, and if others are interested, recommend them to purchase a copy from us. It took a tremendous amount of time to create the manual and update it. Thanks!

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