Plant Teachings Book and Card Set

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About Plant Teachings Book and Card Set

Plants can be our teachers. They adapt, communicate, model generosity, and are resilient in challenging situations. This book and card set is part of a toolkit developed through a partnership between GRuB, Northwest Indian Treatment Center, and Seattle Indian Health Board. It is especially useful for mental health workers, educators, and community members who are exploring behavioral health skills that are rooted in the land and Coast Salish culture. Plant knowledge, social-emotional skills, stories, mindfulness activities, and recipes on wild foods and herbal medicines are woven throughout the book. The Plant Teaching Cards include 23 double-sided waterproof cards with social-emotional teachings and personal reflection questions. Use the book and cards to learn, teach, and remember skills to practice during challenging times. 



$35  (full-color book, 95 pages, 23 cards, double sided, waterproof)

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