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Plant Teachings for Growing Social-Emotional Skills 

Many Native Elders remind us that plants are teachers. When we awaken our senses and observe nature, plants can lead us in finding ways to be healthy and resilient. For example, alder demonstrates how to collaborate with other species to build a healthy forest community. Yarrow reminds us of the importance of boundaries, while willow shows us how to be flexible yet strong. These skills can be applied to our lives—helping us to build greater wellbeing.
This book is part of a toolkit developed through a partnership between GRuB, Northwest Indian Treatment Center, and Seattle Indian Health Board. It is especially useful for mental health workers, educators, and community members who are exploring behavioral health skills that are rooted in the land and Coast Salish culture. Plant knowledge, social-emotional skills, stories, mindfulness activities, and recipes on wild foods and herbal medicines are woven throughout the book. 

$25  (full-color book, 95 pages)

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