Medicinal Plants & Emotional Wellness Webinar

Type: Wild Foods & Medicine
Price: $15.00
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Medicinal Plants & Emotional Wellness


As we collectively experience stress, trauma and grief, our plant allies continue to grow and offer their healing.

Join the Canoe Journey Herbalists Project as we remember the powerful plants we can call upon to support our nervous systems, for our families and ourselves.

This webinar will explore some favorite plants & remedies of the Canoe Journey Herbalists Project. We will learn about the gifts and medicine of Rose, Milky Oats, Skullcap, Holy Basil and more! 


Presenter bios

Rhonda Lee Grantham is a member of the Cowlitz Nation of SW WA, which translates to “Seeker of the Medicine Spirit”. She is a direct-entry midwife, herbalist and founder of both the Center for Indigenous Midwifery and the Canoe Journey Herbalists Project. She balances her year between projects that support the reclaiming of Indigenous Midwifery globally, as well as supporting connections to plant medicines and access to healing medicines for Native communities here at home.

Sophie Geist is a community herbalist, landscaper and somatic educator living and working on cultivating gratitude and commitment as a settler and plant lover on Steh-Chass and Squaxin land. She works with the Canoe Journey Herbalists Project and in thriving gardens throughout Coast Salish territory.

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