Farm Food Gift

Type: Farm
Price: $1.00


Gift fresh produce to the community!

Purchase a Farm Food Gift in the amount of your choice.  This is an this opportunity for you to make a donation of our amazing sustainably grown produce to people in the community who need it. We will use these donations to fund the work that it takes to grow the food and tend the land.  In these uncertain times, we ALL deserve to eat well. At the GRuB Farm we are intending to grow as much food as we can this year! Each year we try to donate at least half of what we grow to the community in various ways.

The food donations may go to the Thurston County Food Bank, or other organizations working to feed people with limited food access, or it may support the donation of the food we distribute to program participants such as youth, and low income families.

This is tax deductable donation and you will recieve confirmation of this after your purchase. Thanks!

If you would like to purchase a Gift Certificate for you or as a gift, please go here.

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