Bouquet CSA

Type: Farm
Price: $160.00


How Does the GRuB Bouquet Share Work?

Support GRuB and receive farm fresh, sustainably grown flower bouquets each Wednesday for 8 weeks during summer*.  When you invest in a bouquet “share” you are helping provide low-income youth in our community quality education and leadership development opportunities on the GRuB farm, through the responsibility of tending, harvesting, and assembling a deliverable product. It is also as deeply nourishing for them to make them as it is for you to receive and cherish them. 

What Are the Details?

The cost is for 8 weeks of flowers, $160. No delivery option is available. If you are not able to pick up in the timeframe listed below then your bouquet will be set out on the back portch with your name on it for you to grab. 

Pick-up is on Wednesdays between 3:00pm - 6:00pm.

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